Saturday, April 11, 2009

4 paintings, the 3 seagull ones are easy, and fun.

The other painting was fun, it is a sunset at the Wynnum waterfront. I can't get decent photo's darn it. I painted these this evening, now I am off to bed. All 12" x 16" single thickness gallery wrap canvas acrylics. c&c of course..


  1. JJ these are beautiful .....that top one is amazing!

  2. The top one is my favourite too. I wanted to try the three different palettes to see which one talked to me. The top one pthalo blue and burnt sienna and white.

    The second one is the same, but the sky and water are pthalo dominant.

    The third one34 has viridian added.

  3. Good work on these JJ!
    I like the second one best, with the light reflecting on the water infront of the rocks...looks cool! ;)


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