Friday, March 20, 2009

Roses finished?

I chickened out on putting in big shadows. If anyone wants to photoshop it and show me how they would do the shadows go right ahead..

Tomato Juice

This is an experiment I'm working on for the upcoming minature show in Quebec, so I gave it a spin. This is acrylic on bristol board card, 3X4"
I prepared an AECO card (buisness card size, 2.5X3.5") to do this again. I have so much painting to do and so little time and enrgy.
What do you think?

Quirky Cats & Roses

I had some fun this afternoon. I painted quirky cats in acrylics. I paint these in watercolour, the are well liked, so I thought why not try them in acrylics. It was a hoot. 15 minutes for each painting. I love to let loose and paint something totally crazy once in a while.
The roses took me about 5 hours all up, from the initial sketch in my sketchbook, to the painting, which isn't quite finished, I have yet to put the shadows in.