Friday, February 6, 2009

My hand and my fingers ....well why not?

I did these quickly last night just in case JJ shouted at me because I was not sketching all know what she's like ....a real hard taskmaster!!

Especially for JJ

I had to take a picture from my front door this morning was snowing .....not that much but I have been telling JJ that it was supposed to snow for days now but somehow it always missed Ballycastle here is the proof that it does snow in Ireland.

I can't believe none of you see it!!!!!

The rabbit with the funny mouth putting on a sock or something like that because he has his leg up and is holding on to it with his front legs I going crazy?


The five-minute shoe - no cropping or touch-ups.

Today I painted .....

I went to my new art group today and had a great time. I felt young for a start as they were all older than me ....
I painted another Dunluce Castle ....I have to keep trying to get it right!! It's slightly bigger at 8" X 10" acrylic on board.
For a start I see that I need to change the horizon line as it doesn't look right at the same height as the top of the castle .....
Fire away!