Monday, April 20, 2009

Frogs of course..

To replace the 3 which sold. Two are 12"x 4" and one is 5" x 9" The two are double thickness gallery wrap, and I like that, they look very nice. They are 5.00 each to buy at the variety store, so will be cheaper at the Art warehouse. The 5x9 inch is single wrap, it also looks neat, I think. I will paint a few more seeing as mothers day is coming up. and I am really enjoying painting them. Acrylics of course.

I still have to find a way of taking a decent photo of an acrylic painting, they look washed out. I think I might have to take the plunge and the credit card to a lighting shop and buy a couple of standard lands to place each side of the easel when I take the photo.

NEXT Challenge Bruces turn

I am glad you guys had fun doing the pointillism challenge. It was a challenge, as it was supposed to be. It made us think about colour theory for a start. I can't say I learnt a lot by doing it, except that I need to go back to basics and do some more reading.

So what will Bruce have lined up for us??

Same deal all post of the same day nominated by Bruce..

Oh what fun I had doing this .....

Yes was fun and especially so because it was on Saturday night and I had a couple of drinks in me at the time .....that explains why it isn't as good as JJ's or Rees ...... next time I will do a more sober one .....I bet you all can't wait ......
5" X 4" acrylic on paper .....

Pointillism Challenge from JJ

I am ashamed to post mine after seeing Ree's beautiful picture. She should be so proud of hers, it is absolutely beautiful.
Mine is 5" x 7" on canvas panel. My housemate knew what it was, which surprised me, do you?