Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CHALLENGE for the 14th April to the 20th April. POINTILLISM

All paintings to be posted on the 20th April please.

What is it?

A series of small dots painted on your chosen surface in primary colours, RED YELLOW and BLUE only, which create the illusion of secondary colours. Pointillism relies on your colour perception to mix the colours in your eye and brain and make a full tonal painting, when viewed from a distance.
Georges Suerat was the first to paint in this way. He is the leader and main player in the Pointillism Movement. Paul Signac and Henri-Edmond Cross also painted in this style.
Pointillism is usually done in oil, but this is not a requirement here, we can paint it in acrylics. You could do pointillism with almost anything! Oil paint was used mainly because it's thick and doesn't bleed or run. The idea behind pointillism is to not physically mix colours, so if the paint bled it would not be good.
Usually tiny dots are used, but I have seen successful paintings in the Museum, where a size 6 brush was used. That is what I am going to use.

Reference; I have been sitting here thinking about this, and as the pointillism in itself is challenging, I think we should each choose our own reference, and keep it simple.

Have fun!!!


My Itty Bitty Yard

Well, since JJ is bragging about her palacial home and surrounding gardens, I thot I'd give y'all a dose of life in Northern Ontario. We have had another 70 cm of unexpected snow last week on top of what you see here. The tree is on the two-foot wide strip between me and my neighbour.