Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reece and Elise's Hats

Both these were drawn in the kids respective sketchbooks.

Elise tore her paper somehow, and it wasn't from erasing, as she doesn't get to use a rubber. I am not sure what she did. Pity, but it is still a neat drawing.

Reece's is really quite good. He drew it in his Monte Marte A4 sketchbook, with a 2B graphite pencil. He doesn't do a lot of life drawing, and I am really pleased that he drew what he saw. The only life drawing he does, pretty much, is with me. He does draw a lot from a learning to draw book I gave him for Christmas last year.


A4 sketch book. Graphite. I bought this gorgeous hat in London in 2004. I have never worn it, but Tania has to a Melbourne Cup "do"

I had Reece and Elise with me today. My grandkids Charity. Reece is 12 an Elise is 8. They love "doing" art with me. They also drew my hat. I will put their pictures into a separate thread, if you guys don't mind?

A small metal instrument specially cut to fit into a lock and move its bolt ....

My car key ....haha
The size you see should be the size that it is ..... some day I am gonna draw earlier and be the first to post here .....some day ..... you just wait and see ....haha


Wow. The key was kinda hard. I spent a long time on it, and hope I got the shadows a bit better. Not that it's the best key ever, but it's not the worst I've ever drawn, either. lol


Draw a hat.