Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colleen's Impresssionism Challenge..

This painting, is a portion of the three waterfalls at Laragh Lodge.
Size is 4" x 6" on board. Acrylic.

I really enjoyed painting this, I was so amazed at how it came together.. It is impressionism as I understand it; "built up forms out of discrete flecks and dabs of colour" That is exactly what I did, I just built up the shapes using dabs of colour. I used burnt sienna, ultra blue, gold oxide, raw sienna, and white.

I bought these cute little frames with easels the other day, and it was the frame which depicted the size of this painting. I have it sitting on my desk, and it is ok, close up, I don't mind it, but when I step back I really like it.. I want to paint another bigger version.

Here are the words I wrote when I saw the waterfall picture and decided to paint it.

"WATERFALL - CALMING - PRETTY - FOLIAGE MYSTICAL.... Now watch me stuff it up."

Thank you Colleen for this challenge, it really was fun..


Go to your bathroom..

Choose one thing..

Draw it.