Saturday, April 11, 2009

Survivor, the Hospital Version

Hi y'all, just when you thot it was safe to view the blog....I'm baaaack...

The operation to insert a third wire into my heart for my pacemaker was successful and what a difference already!!! However, I woke up in the operation when they started the pacemaker agian and felt my heart flutter. It was great....until they started digging and cutting around the pacemaker, without had worn off...I yelled loudly and they added more freezing but I still felt it and let them know, arrrgggghh.

And to top off the fun, I got an infection at the same time which kept me in the hosp for an extra 5 days. So instead of coming home in two days, I spent a week in there, plus I have to wear an IV pump for another four days, but I'm home finally. Made it back last nite. I may haunt you all for a while yet.

I see you all have been up to some nice work while I was away. Good to see you guys producing.


  1. Oh Bruce how dreadful!!!!!!!! I am glad you were able to fight the infection, and are back with us ready to tease us once again.. You sure have been through an ordeal, but I told you, you would be back, no matter what. You are tough!!!!

    luv ya!

  2. Great to see you back online Bruce!
    So sorry that you had problems during the op, must have been very frightening for you and then to get a post-op infection on top of all you have been through! Love & *HUGS*

  3. Yay!!!! Mac is back ....((((BIG HUGS)))) to you!

  4. Thanks ladies, the hospital stay was more boring than anything. I found out today that I still can't do too much. My heart is regulated much better now but still damaged, so I got overtired and have zonked out in bed. Nice paintings JJ.

  5. Thanks Bruce, and I am so sorry you overdid it. You will have to take it easy for a couple of weeks until the surgery site totally heals.

    Please don't expect too much too soon.

    I hope you feel like sketching soon, maybe playing with your watercolour pencils. At leadt you have wet canvas to keep you amused, and you7 can read up about art.. ;-))

  6. Indeed JJ I have been browsing online at poking around WC, but it's not as much fun when you're not painting and showing off your work.

    I have been looking up the Zorn palette. It is a whole new expereience and I have bumped into some other painter sites and learned a lot ini a hurry. I may use Zorn for my portraits, but I still don't get the use of black instead of blue. Here's a site I found, you may find it interesting.

  7. Why don't you practice your sketching. You can sketch things around your home, and then use those sketches as subjects for future paintings, when you feel stronger.

    I enjoyed painting with the Zorn palette, adn I still have the left over paint in my stay wet palette I made. (I am going to get some more containers to make more of these palettes, as I tend to be quite a bit heavy handed when squeezing out my paint)

    Thanks for the site, I have seen it before, ej put me on to it many, many, many, months ago.

    I don't have ivory black, but I was given a tube of neutral tint, so I used that. It is on the blue side.


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