Saturday, August 8, 2009

Post from REE

Hey guys, I can't post, as I don't have the internet at present. I changed internet providers, and I have to have a new modem, for the new provider. They told me I had to wait 5 working days, I did at last Wednesday, so I am hoping the modem will be here on Tuesday.

Miss you guys Ree

Painting 8/8/09

Double Island Point. The reference photo was taken when I went to Double Island Point with Les and the kids about 5 years ago. I painted Tania a picture from the top of the Sand Blow, and this picture is from the very tip of the point on the right hand side.12"x16" canvas Acrylics.


Free day .....draw whatever you feel like .....Yay! ....I love free days!!

Eclipses are not easy .....

I had painted a Guinness glass + tin whistle earlier in the week so I thought I'd try and do a Guinness glass in pastels and practice my eclipses .....
I will show both ....