Thursday, August 6, 2009

Painting 06/08/09 Uluru (Ayers Rock, and a Ghost Gum)

12"x16" canvas - acrylic

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 56 6/8/09 Whatever I felt like... Annes Challenge

I am thinking of painting this scene, with a better foreground of course. I want to paint the tree, as a Ghost Gum. The rock is supposed to be Uluru Nice video on that link. I got a bit carried away with the texture at the top of the rock, but some photo's do show the top jagged like this. I guess it just depends on where you are standing when you take the photo..

This Week's Painting Challenge 5 August-12 August

JJ asked me to post this here today. I'm still working on last week's, but we can all think about what to paint while finishing, right? :) So, I had a flash of inspiration. I did some looking online because I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what a fun painting challenge would here it is.

Paint Your Feelings...that's right..I said paint your feelings. lol Sounds difficult to me, but I found a site that can help with the colors for feelings... ... This sounded like fun to me, and I hope you ladies have fun with it. This can be done in any style, in any medium.

This needs to be posted by 12 August.

Whatever I Felt Like

While waiting for the batteries to charge in my camera so I could take a picture of the pencil I thought well I may as well not waste time and find something to draw or paint. I really wasn't in the mood to paint or draw really but I looked at the wallpaper on my computer screen and thought why not draw here it is a beach scene from my computer wallpaper.

2 Straight Lines

Here is the 2 straight lines with no ruler...looking around for something to draw and thought why not a pencil.


I don't really make a drawing a day, and I have been here stealing and commenting on the stuff you do. So I thought I would make a post showing you want I have been working on during the month of July. These are all Pastels, on Laid finish paper, or in the case of the Style of Lucien Freud it is Bristol smooth. The Freud Style has been worked on since this photo, and it needs more.

I'm looking to stylize portraits, and that's what these 2 are. If you would care to show reactions, I would appreciate it. The dog is a cute picture I saw on the internet and I thought I might gift the owner, but I've decided I will not give away my work anymore. The plant is from a photo, and I wish I had it in person because this is an example of when from life is better. I see that I need to give the inside stalks more depth (lower value). I love drawing plants.


I can't think ....I'm going out soon to a 50th birthday party meal and linedance .....I won't be back till late .....I haven't even done a drawing for today the challenge is simple ....just draw something that you really want to draw .....