Monday, May 18, 2009

Heron Challenge

Late I know, but I told ya'll that I was catching up. Tonite I start the Momochrome challenge.

This is 8X10". acrylic on Canvas.

You know I said I'd never do another pointy painting, but I was in the mood to play. I tried hard to combi9ne colours to get another, but no way I could get brown easily. I went back to the Surat he3ad shot and blew it up and discovered to my dismay that he used fair amounts of yellow ochre and raw umber, in various mixes to get his overall colours. He used blue dots for the chin shadow and green and red in the hair to make it blackish.

But I wanted to try this one since the composition was simple. Unfortunatly the bird's bum kinda disappeared in the ground, it was not easy trying to get a greyish on the sand. I should have made the sand darker around the bird.

And this is what I did to the gift for my wife on our ninth anniversary (this week) I put two photos together and she is further back tahn me and JJ, the thing on my lap is a camera bag. 16X20" acrylic on canvas.