Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today, you can choose to draw whatever your heart desires.

Todays paintings (3)

I painted 3 Frog Bookmarks today. I have photographed them all together, but since taking the photo, I have cut them into three and laminated them.. The frogs and the giraffes are most popular, I sell them for 6.00 each. They are about 9" x 3"

I am off to bed.. Later guys.. :-)))

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 44 (25-07-09) do you believe this was in the garage?

hahahaha, of course not. It is Anne's Birthday today, so I drew her a cupcake..:D
A4 sketchbook B's and H's graphite.

A bit late (Day 42)

I decided to draw this from the weekly drawing challenge. I'm off on the handle, though. I just couldn't get it right for anything. :( Oh well, I feel I did pretty well even though it took 3 days. ugh!! This is off of a picture, so I wasn't able to get the shadows under it. I think the light is coming from the front, so I'm thinking there wouldn't be much of a shadow, but I could be wrong.. It's happened once before. ;) hehe

Graphite, Canson Drawing paper, 9 x 12...ish. :)


DRAWSPACE is a great learning to draw website. You will find a heap of articles about technique and stuff there. Some good reading.

THIS ARTICLE is about 2 point perspective, we should learn it.

HERE is a complete list of all types of perspective, put together for WC by John Hagan. He is very generous to go to so much trouble and in such detail for out learning pleasure.



Lay the picture on the floor, in a good natural light source, open door way, or window, with no shadows or reflection covering the picture.

Stand over the picture, look straight down, and square it up with your view finder. Take the photo.


Place your picture straight on your easel. Have your easel vertical, not on an incline. Put your camera on a tripod and square up the photo in your view finder. Take the picture.

Transfer photo to your computer.

Crop it in the photo-editing software of your choice. There are some good free ones out there, if you care to google for them.

You can adjust the colour in your photo editing program.

For pencil drawings use the greyscale feature.

For paintings, use the histogram.

To straighten a crooked photo, and it wont be crooked, if you take the steps above, use the perspective distortion adjusting tool.


Draw something from your garage, by popular request from Janine. :-)

A Few Earlier Efforts

Just to catch up with you all a bit, here are a few of my pre-blog efforts. You may have seen them already on Wet Canvas, so sorry for the rerun.

The Kitchen Item - a Durkee Pepper Tin in water soluble graphite:

The Closet Item - a wooden hanger in water soluble graphite:

A Pot Scrubber in Derwent Inktense (Can't remember if I used "Brown Madder" or "Red Oxide," both yummy colors):

Living Room/Lounge - An Ikea Lamp

Hi! JJ invited me to join your Daily Drawing/Painting group, so here I am. Thanks so much for having me along.

My name is Janine (aka "Daily Object Draw-er") and I live in Northern California, near San Francisco. In January of this year, I started drawing again after a 20 year hiatus. I also love to play with watercolors, Daniel Smiths being my favorite.

This is my effort in progress for today, an Ikea lamp from my living room. It's done with Derwent Inktense pencil, dark brown called "Bark," on Strathmore Windpower watercolor paper, size 6x9. I have not added the water yet, so this is the "before" shot. I will post the "after" shot... after! Apologies in advance. I am the world's worst photographer.

A few hours later, after adding the wash:

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 43 (24-07-09) Wip..

I started this too late tonight. My excuse is I was painting this afternoon.. I worked on it for two hours, but need another two hours at least to finish it.. Sketchbook.

Todays paintings x 3

All painted on 4"x12" double wrap canvas Acrylic