Friday, August 14, 2009

Latest Painting WIP

This is what I am working on at present. It is 14"x28" Acrylic. I have to put in all the sea foam now, and that will take time.. I started it Thursday I think, I worked on it al little last night, and a couple of hours tonight.

Another 3 hours, and I am brat. It is midnite..

Daily Drawing Challenges

...are on hold for a bit.

Charity is moving house.

Ree is tied up with her Mum.

Anne is tied up with commissions.




Me? I am sick, still.

How about, everyone doing a drawing a week for the next week. I proper drawing, not a sketch.
Draw anything you wish. A portrait, a still life, fauna, just make it interesting and a complete drawing.

Pay particular attention to your values.

You have a week from today.

Have fun..

I played with this painting

I hated the ocean, really hated it, it made me nauseous, so I added colour to it.