Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Pig C&C needed!!!!!

I have been working on this little chappie for the past 2 nights ..... Acrylic on board 12" X 12"
Fire away!

Annes Irish Castle

I haven't finished this painting, I haven't done the rocks in the foreground or put the grasses in. I may get back to it later in the week, I may not. Fire away, please all of you, I am looking forward to your critiques.

Oh Dear...........

Discussion on critiques

Firstly, let me remind you guys, this blog is private, only we members can read it. I made it that way, as this is all about encouraging one another, without the added pressure of knowing strangers are going to be looking as well.

I have been having a discussion via email with some of you as to whether you want critiques on your work or not. So far all the responses have been positive. I thought though, that we aren't going to know what each one of us wants in respect of critiques unless we tell each other, so this discussion is born.

Yes!! I want indepth critiques. Let me have it, lock stock an dbarrel, don't be gentle!!!

It doesn't matter if one is a beginner or been painting for years, everyone has an eye and can see if something is amiss in a painting somewhere. ALL critiques are valuable to me. I wont always agree with a critique, neither will you, it is human nature. I will get miffed, but I do take a deep breath, walk away, and come back later and re-read the critique and look at the painting again, and see if I was indeed wrong. It is in my best interests to do this, as sometimes I am wrong and the critiquer is right, more often than not to be honest, so critiques are important to me, they keep me on my toes, and make me a better artist. They help me to see, more importantly they help me to really look. Look not just at my artwork, but all around me. I take my lessons into the real world, and most often what I see, the critique has mentioned, and nature has backed it up. . Such a wonderful learning tool, and one I cherish.

So what kind of critique you want. Ree, Sandy, Anne, Mimi, Colleen. :-))

Painting of the week; Seattle waterfront

This is a photo my husband took, a scene from the Duwamish river looking at the port of Seattle. I've already painted the scene twice. Your assignment is to take whatever part of this scene you want and paint it. you don't have to include everything, you don't have to use the perspective here. Pick and choose.  If you click on the photo I think it will automatically get bigger.
Have fun. I'm thinking of doing just the buildings. And if you want, you can view my two attempts at painting this already on my blog.

Mid-July Morning on Harbor Island