Thursday, July 23, 2009

Todays Paintings 23/07/09

I am sorry the quality of the pictures is poor.. All paintings are 5"x7" I forgot to take a photo of the framed one before framing. I don't know why the pictures look distorted?? They look perfectly alright in person. They will all be matted and framed the same, in these delightful wooden frames I picked up yesterday while I was out shopping..

I need to tend to the giraffes teeth, they are a little dirty :D


That giraffe, looks cartoonish in this photo, he doesn't in person. Go figure.. Must be the colour change in uploading, and bad photo.


Draw something from your kitchen

Happy Piggy

Just so as you know that I have been doing something even if it wasn't drawing.
I needed to do another piggy and this is where I am with this one...
9" X 12" acrylic on block canvas