Monday, August 3, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Oops... I hit 'enter' instead of 'backspace' in the title box and it published!!
I'm not thinking straight ATM LOL

I'm just checking in as I've haven't commented on your work lately...reason being, I have my 90 year old mother in hospital. I've been visiting her every day for the past week. She has heart problems and is very tired, sleeping most of the time.
When she eventually goes home she will need to have Home Care come and shower her daily etc....she not happy with that at all, but the only other alternative is full time care in a nursing home! Mum's very independent and stubborn! ;)

My brother (her carer ATM) and I are trying to work out the best care for her and it's been very stressful for both of us and for Mum, too!
I'm so sorry, girls for not keeping up with the blog activities. Hopefully, all will be back to normal very soon...:)


Well it is actually the 3rd here now. I slept all day today, felt lousy. A4 sketchbook graphite.

This is a little book Tania gave me for my birthday. It is called, A Little Book of Sentiments For a Special Mother.

Car Update

Here's the update on this. I promise I HAVE been drawing. lol I think the shading still needs to go a bit darker, but I want to get all the pieces in place before I do that. :)

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 52 (3 August 2009)

Find something that you think is really pretty in your house and draw it ..... I know you are all gorgeous but no self portraits allowed!!!

My book

My book! ....ok so I cheated on the title of it actually says "Christian Community Bible Catholic Pastoral Edition" but "The Bible" was easier!
I don't read the bible at all but I love this one. I bought it about 16 years ago when my brother was dying from cancer.
I had heard about a man who appeared to have healing powers and I had written to him. He told us to read "The Wedding at Cana" every day and so I bought the bible. Believe me you clutch at straws when a loved one is ill. We knew that part of the bible off by heart!
Anyway I still have that bible and I do love it even if I don't read it .... it has gorgeous thin pages in it that make a lovely sound when they are turned .... and the marker is still at The Wedding at Cana .....
Pastel pencils about 8" X 5"