Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow storm today

Last night, we had freezing rain all night. I awoke to the rat-a-tap-tap of the ice pellets hitting my bedroom window. Wondered what the heck it was at first. It woke4 me a couple of times, but I drifted off easily enough again. By mid morning we had a snow storm. It was amazing, huge snow flakes, that by the end of the storm wee horizontal!!!! There was snow stuck to the side of the side of the 6 story apartment building across the road. cool!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Charcoal drawing of a walking trail in Dundas Ontario (wip)

This is a work in progress, of a walking trail, a very special place to me.
I took the photo a month ago when the leaves were all but fallen. I am drawing in my 6"x8" sketch book. I really wish it was bigger. I may paint it, but I will draw it bigger before I do. Just need to finish this first. I will get back to it next week I hope.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Challenges on the blog .....

Hi all .....I don't think I will be joining in this time with the challenges .....I actually found that they were making me quite anxious the last time I was doing them ....especially when I didn't get working on it at the beginning of the week ....then I was rushing to get something/anything done just to show it......

I have also made up my mind to cut down drastically on my internet usage ..... I waste far too much time on it...... :(

I need to concentrate more on painting something that would be suitable to sell to the public. I have been caught out too often recently with nothing ready to replace something that sold. Last week I sold one in a local cafe and the manager said that he was taking over the shop attached to the cafe and did I have any more paintings that he could hang .... I had to get 2 finished and framed quickly and I took down two from my own walls to leave with him.

Then my friend who runs a B&B told me last night that she has sold one of my paintings ....of course I have nothing ready to replace it ..... it's just not good enough .....

So I am cutting down on all my internet usage .....emails etc ..... I shall still post at WetCanvas and have a laugh in the cafe but I really must try and only go there once a day ....maybe twice..... it's going to be difficult but I have to look on this art business as a job and try and make some money from it ..... I won't make any money sitting on my backside at the computer ..... I need to be at the easel .....

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone and Happy painting/drawing!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Get those brushed out, sharpen those pencils ... make ready!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Ladies.

Please make ready for the new year. :-)) WE are coming back full swing. We will be drawing and painting, and we will resurrect our challenges.. Any ideas are more than welcome. We all need to really make this blog work in the new year, we need to help each other to get motivated and make art..

What say you? Who is In?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Annnd...back. :P

Hi ladies. I've finally made the move back to Arkansas. We've been here a bit, but just got settled...well...almost settled. I'm now looking for work and getting ready to start on my Master's degree and we're staying with my husband's father until we are both gainfully employed. Buuut...we're here. :) So, things should slow down soon and I should be able to start drawing again. I've missed you ladies and I'm happy to be back. get JJ back...hehe