Friday, August 7, 2009

The leafy thing ....

Pastel sticks about 6" X 8"

Painting Challenge (flower/s or something leafy) week ending 7 August '09

My little bonsai peach tree heralding spring in the tropics.

Twin Ghost Gums.

I wish I could get a proper photo of this, this one is a little washed out, as is all my photos of my acrylic paintings.. I also wish i had taken a photo of the sky before painting over it, I was really pleased with the sky, then I covered it up.. :0 12"x16" Gallery wrap canvas.

How's this Fookie?


Okay...I only did 1 eclipse in this maybe 2 and not good ones either. Darn JJ...I wish I was talented enough to pull this off...I am going to keep practicing...


Ok ....I can't let the week go by without having the dreaded eclipse drawing now can I?
So find something with an eclipse and draw it....simple!

Something with 2 lines and something I have wanted to draw.

I have decided to just do quick sketches from now on. I was spending too much time trying to get the shading right but all I want from this daily drawing exercise is to help me get the right shape for when I am doing a painting.
I don't want to go the route that Graphite artists go and have to spend 30+ hours on one little drawing. I want to paint. what do you think these are?
Sorry ...the lighting is bad ...I took the pics at night ....