Saturday, April 18, 2009


I paint mostly in watercolor. I do some work with acrylics but get frustrated being unable to blend smoothly so I don't do much in that medium,  unless it is on furniture. 

I make portraits, and I'm learning so I appreciate if a person wants to give me tips. I don't have a clue as to how to make a tree, or a sunset, or even an animal. And that is because I am not interested. I just want to study the face, the emotion of a face and portray it. I also have to paint clothing so folds is something else I am studying. 

I don't always get a likeness in a portrait and usually I don't care.  But, I am studying planes of the face because I want to make a better product. The shadow is what makes the likeness. You have a shot at a decent portrait if you understand the bone/muscle structure of the face, but the likness factor is in the shadows or color values. If you are trying to make a likeness from a photo that clearly does not show values, you might as well forget it is what I say.

I  like to do stuff for fun. It's all about having fun with me and I haven't offended anyone yet and hope I never do  because that's not what I am about. I don't go to shows, or advertise a website or anything of the sort, so everything I have ever sold is word of mouth.