Friday, March 27, 2009

Mike and Jesse's Fav Shirt Game

This is what I've been up to mostly this week, trying to get it done before I go to the hospital. Acrylic on wood, 6X9".
I have a few more tweaks on the face and hands but it's close enough to show you. This is only my 3rd portrait, second in B&W. The next will be a larger canvas with the combo of my dad and I (scroll down the page) along with my boys, called a firm foundation, with my dad in the middle.

Birch Tree

Don't laugh, but I had an idea for a minature show. Unfortunatly I missed the deadline already, but it was a good exercise. This is acrylic on canvas, 3.5X4.5". I got it at the dollar store which came with some crummy watercolours. Knife work mostly.