Thursday, June 18, 2009

Todays paintings (2)

Flip and Flop. Kindly named by Corby of the OC fame.. :-))) 10"x 12" acrylic on canvas.


I drew the stainless sugar container on the kitchen bench. Darn eclipses again. 6"x8" I used a 2B and a 4B graphite pencil, and my stumps for blending.


Today, is going to be easy. I want you to go and find something very shiny in your kitchen and draw it..

Eye Eye!!

After seeing the eyes already presented here I am reluctant to show mine!! ..... I tried one and didn't like it so then I tried the other one and it isn't much better so I am showing both to you ...LOL
Are you ready for this?! .... and no I don't have one eye bigger than the other nor do I have one eye lower down on my face than the other ..... well not that I've noticed anyway ....

Todays Painting

I got an urge to paint goldfish. I have wanted to for ages actually. I used to paint the a lot once.
12"x16" canvas acrylic.