Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sorry ....

Sorry I didn't get painting the tomatoes yet!! .....I have been having fun with a cucumber for Mackb's thread on WC. I will be taking it to my art group this morning and maybe get it finished today along with my tractor painting that I still have to show here ..... Maybe I will try the tomatoes in the afternoon ....who knows .....

Drawing Shapes and Form

Bruce asked me how to draw an eclipse. I did a google for him and didn't find much to be honest. I have a book here The Complete Guide of Drawing Techniques. I have scanned two pages and posted them here for you to read. They are .jpg so you copy them into your own photo editing program and print them out for yourselves.

These last two pages come from Watercolor Basics Perspective Secrets Phil Metzger.



watercolour on Arches rough 300gsm
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Afternoon Tea

I forgot about the tomats completely and got to working in front of a still life. My head hurts after doing this one. Acrylic on canvas, 11X14.

Sandy's Tomatoes in acrylic.

Well I am cutting it fine I know, but here they are. I sat up painting these tonight, and Ree is working on hers too. She is staying up to get her husband off to work, me, I am going to bed. It is after 1.30am already.. **yawn**

Well here you go, and no. I don't like them. I tried so hard to paint them the colours they were, but I "lost it" four times, so they are red!!!!! I painted them on a 5"x7" canvas board, and scanned them onto the pc. Should have taken a photo methinks. Oh well maybe tomorrow..

So Sandy, my excuse for the red tomatoes, is, that it took me so long to paint them, they ripened. Weak I know, a real groaner...............