Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Market To Market

What a long day. Up at 4.00am, at the market at 6.30am set up stall by 7.00am, and I didn't get home again until 5.00pm. I sold 3 small canvas' a couple of paint brushes, didn't cover my site fees again. Just as well I am forever the optimist. :-))

I took my paints, and some small canvas boards. 8"x 10" and 3"x 3" I think they were. I sat there painting all day. I painted frogs, They sold, and I painted pelicans. A couple of seagulls. I think I made about 8 paintings all up. Made the day go faster, and all good practice. Gave me some idea's for more paintings too. I know have a couple of big paintings in mind.

No Photo's today, I didn't even think about it.. Weather was great today, no wind, no rain, and I didn't have to stand there holding the gazebo for dear life, like the last time. I laugh every time I think of holding that darn thing up, and it was collapsing in on me anyway. This new one is tons stronger!!!

So that was my Sunday.

Made this last night. These pieces are what I call color sketches. Probably should have used more than 3 colors to add some excitement. 

I need work on separating background from foreground as evidenced by this piece. A change in temperature would do it. So if I were to make this into a final painting I would spend more time picking the palette.