Saturday, June 13, 2009

Drawing 2 My Coffee/Tea cup.

I drew my cup sitting on the lid of my Toshiba laptop. I need to practice drawing cup handles..

The $10 Spoon

Hi all! Trying to figure out how to post here - thank you for the invite!

I bought a new set of Oneida flatware last year - service for 8. I liked it, and wanted to get more, but my husband nixed it. So I asked for a 4-place setting for Christmas. My daughter-in-law "borrowed" a spoon when she was over one time so she could match the pattern. In the meantime, we'd had a party, and when doing the dishes, I counted the flatware and was missing a spoon! I was pissed, thought someone threw it out w/the trash and plastic spoons. So, I ordered ONE spoon to replace it. It was $6.99, plus shipping, total of $10. Hubby just shook his head, "who counts their spoons?" LOL - then I found out the rest of the story on Christmas day...

I tried drawing it twice, and obviously need a lot of practice. Used a 6B pencil.

I'll try to participate as much as possible... thanks again!

Mary Lou


Today we will draw our favourite coffee mug.