Monday, March 9, 2009

Macks Cucumber combo again

I had a couple come into my stall last Sunday, and ask for food paintings. They have just bought a restaurant and want paintings for the walls.
I painted Bruce's reference picture (again) from the Paint Meeeeeeeeeeeee challenge on Wet Canvas (open critique forum)

See anything? 12"x16" Acrylics on stretched canvas.

After reading the comments I went back and tweaked it. What do you think now?

My contribution to Mackb's fruit and veges. I go overseas in less than two weeks and have a great deal to do before then so I will not be meeting any more challenges until I return in April. Bye for now. Sorry JJ no sketches forthcoming either.

Tomato Challenge

Coloured Pencil, 9x12"

This one is late and should be never. As you can see, I'm lousy with coloured pencils and I just discovered they are worse than watercolours.
Anyway, I am unable to do much the last few days bec of my heart. I'm having a low heart day, but I wanted to do something. Just don't snicker. It is horrible, oh, the inhumanity of it all, ick, hack choke!

Blog issues

I had an email from Sandy. She isn't going to be participating int he blog for now, she can't post. She says..
I can get into the site o.k....but when I get "settled" and start to do something (like respond..or post) it closes down and I have to keep starting all over again.
She is totally frustrated, has had her computer to the repair shop, and has tried all manner of things, and is very saddened not to be able to participate right now. I miss her, so I hope that somehow we can get this sorted out. Any suggestions, and don't mention cookies, been there done that she says, many times.. She only has problems with this blog, nothing else?

I just had that same thing happen to me when I was posting in Bruce's post. I typed out the message, hit enter to start a new line and it was all gone. Never had that happen before. I am going to try and remember to copy while I type from now on, as it is damned frustrating, and I can't remember all wrote. It was a really nice message too..

Is anyone else having problems?