Saturday, August 1, 2009


A4 sketchbook graphite.. (the thing from under my kitchen sink)

Something New For Me....

I've been watching a friend's little girl quite a bit lately. She's a really sweet little 4 year old. Well, because I've been watching her, he bought me some watercolor pencils I've had my eye on. I tried them tonight, and they're SOOOO much fun!! I haven't played with watercolors in so long, and get some pencils like these...well..let's just say..I'm thrilled!! So, I figured I'd upload what I played with. I do apologize for the crappy picture. The paper is a bit too big for the scanner, so I had to take a pic..and I'm horrible at that. lol It's a lot brighter than the picture shows..

Still Working On It...

It's taking a REALLY long time, but I told you all I'd post an update, so here it is. :) I've darkened some of the lines of where the car's outline will be. I'm still working on the shading along the side. The tire in the front is mostly in shade, but I'm still working on the elipses for it, as well as the rim. Hope you all like. :D

From Under my Kitchen Sink

When I looked under my kitchen sink for something to sketch I was lucky and this was sitting right in the front. It was harder than the turtle but maybe I liked the turtle more.

From My Garden

This is a Turtle Garden Decoration from my corner garden by my house.

Hello Everyone

Hi! My name is Linn (Linda). I have known JJ for years and she invited me to join your group. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and have been experimenting and trying to teach myself art for a little over 10 years. I started out with Bob Ross...I walked in an art store and said I want to paint...they asked me what type of art, etc and I said I don't know I never painted before so they sold me a Bob Ross kit and that is where I started out and after about a year I got bored with that and decided I wanted to try more so now I experiment with everything. Thank you everyone for accepting me into your group. I am looking very forward to joining in and getting to know everyone.

In my garden ....

In my garden I often see a robin .... this isn't the one I see but it is similar....well it was raining today and I couldn't get out into the garden .....