Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here's mine Bruce..

I had a ball painting this guy! I used 3 colours and white, and a palette knife. 10"x 12" gallery wrap canvas. (Acrylic)

The River that insists on looking like a road ......

This painting was a disaster from start to finish. For a start I didn't plan it out ........ I was trying to paint from memory as I had no ink in my printer and I never had a ref image near me when painting.....I know excuses excuses ..... I just can't paint landscapes to add to the ever growing list of things I can't paint ....... I guess my heart wasn't really in this one but I felt I had to do it for the challenge.
I do love this scene and I may take my time and try to do a proper painting of it. I go walking here a lot .... there is a little path that runs right along the side of the River Tow....a very romantic spot to be walking .....
See if you can guess which one of the following pictures is my painting? ROFLOLPIMP
This is so embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Market paintings

Here are some paintings I painted at the markets and one of my frogs again, It was suggested I warm up the shadows. What do you think?

Chillaxin', a Self Portrait

I don't think this is strictly impressionist, but it's close. I was going to do something simple but, I always seem to find a way to make things hard, so I started with hard and it turned out to be easier than I thought.

This is acrylic on canvas, 18X24, This is Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada, in the Bay of Fundy, known for its 60-foot high tides. The spot is known as the "Hole in the Wall."