Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey Guys

I am half back.....

I went to bed Friday sometime and only got up today (monday). I only got out of bed twice in that time, once to answer the phone to Ree, on Saturday night, (I forgot to take the phone to bed, but I was that sick I didn't care, and last night, my friend and neighbour Kim had cooked me a meal.. I couldn't eat it, it is in the fridge.

I am up to go get my paintings from the Ekka, and I have a Dr's appointment tonight. I am eating a bowl of porridge right now, help build me up a bit.. I feel awful still..

Painting for Today-Yokohama Beach, Oahu

I did this one this morning. It is in pastel (Unison) of course. I almost ruined it by starting out with a brand (Mt Vision) I hate and everyone else seems to love but thank goodness I was able to salvage it with my Unisons.