Monday, April 13, 2009

View out of my front window.

This is the view from my home office window, right now. it is raining. albeit lightly and it is wonderful. I would half like to go for a walk, but I want to study some painting techniques as well, and the art wins out ;-)

Here are a couple of photos of my back yard too.

Rain is good.

There is one pussy mobile hanging against the post in the second picture, here are the other two.


  1. Are you bored JJ? lol The grass looks great!!
    Hey! Where's my pussy mobile? Can't see it!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures JJ .....pussy mobile!!! ....tell me more .....

  3. No I am not bored, I thought you all would like to see my garden is all. Recent pictures. :p

    Pussy Mobiles for Anne, I added them to the post.. ;-))

    Ree, I brought your inside and hung it it in my dining room along with Tania's to keep them out of the weather.

  4. Bragging aobut your palace I see JJ...must be nice. I guess you are heading into fall right now, while we here in the North of Canada are still in the deep justice I say...

    I love the lush vegitation around your palace, er home I mean...

  5. Oh hahahaha, palace indeed. :-D Someone else from North America said I lived in a big home, it really isn't that big, I think. 3 bedrooms, lounge - dining - kitchen, upstairs, studio laundry and double garage down stairs. Ree has been here.

  6. Its' much bigger than my one bed room house, but mine has my wife and two little boys, so I won't trade, ever....

    But still, you have a georgous backyard...

  7. Thank you Bruce, I am proud of it, it was nothing when we bought the house, just wasted and full of rubbish.


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