Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still Life Really Finished

Thanks Ree for pointing out the highlights weren't bright enough. I have had a tweak, and here it is. I have signed it.

New Challenge

First, I apologize for bieng a bit behind on this one, I have been struggling with my heart of late, but you don't get rid of me that easily. I have been tired and cranky these days, but I won't be with you. Now on to the Challenge.

I know this is going to be a stretch for you ladies, but I promise you, this will be worth it. In what ever medium you normally paint with, I want you to produce an abstract, surreal or otherwise. No just making a mess on your canvas and calling it an abstract. I want us all to put some thought into this.

This can be anything from the kind of concept painting I posted a while back of falling cones to Jackson Pollock type of drip paintings. But each entry must be well thought out and everyone can do this.

The object of doing something like this is to help us jolt ourselves out of our comfort qone. When you are done, you will be reinvigorated and will give you an appreciation for both abstract and your own usual style.

Have fun and entries should be on monday June 22nd.

Drawing- Day 5 Shower head

Drawn in my 6"x8" sketchbook, and man was it cool in my bathroom. I didn't have the heat on, still haven't, and my hands are cold now.

This one was a challenge, as I couldn't use my close-up glasses. I sat on the cane elephant I have in the bathroom, put my feet on the upside down cane laundry basket, sat my sketch book on my stable table tray. If I put my close-up glasses on, I couldn't see the shower head, it was blurry, if I put my regular graduated glasses on I had trouble seeing the sketch book. Still I persevered, and here it is. I kind of enjoyed drawing this actually, as I have been wanting to, for some time. I want to paint it in watercolours some time too..

My paint brush .....

I wish it was a magic paintbrush and that it would do whatever I wanted it to do .....but sadly it isn't ....but what the heck I'm having fun with it anyway ...... LOL.....


Your drawing challenge today ladies and gentleman, is..........................

Go to your bathroom, and draw your shower rose. You can draw the arm it is attached to as well. If you don't have a shower in your house, draw your bath taps.

STILL LIFE Challenge Finished..

This picture gave me fits. It was hard work painting, it, but I persevered and finished it. I think?

Bruce, you can put up the next challenge now please.. :-))