Saturday, June 27, 2009


So today............... let me think, ummmmmmm............ Oh I know!!!!!!!!

Go get an empty glass jar and draw it... Lid off.


Of course if you have show all images activated, you will already know I drew an egg. Years ago I went back to high school as an adult student. Art was one of the subjects I took.
For 12 months all we did was draw eggs. We drew dot eggs, cross hatched eggs, plain eggs white eggs, brown eggs, you name it it was an egg.. I had a portfolio full of eggs. I hated eggs and never drew another one for many many years. I have drawn very few eggs since then actually, so tonight I looked in the fridge, and the eggs jumped out at me. :D

I drew this in the first page of my brand new 50 page sketch book.. A4 - Graphite..

For your amusement ....and my stress ....

Here is my brave and "likes to live dangerously" hubby up the ladder yesterday. That bottom ladder actually would be long enough to reach the top as it is in 3 layers but with the shape of the house and the steps at the front door then it is no use ....that is why he needs to do it this way..... and worse still.... at one point I had to go out and put my foot on the right foot of the bottom ladder as the left ladder foot had nowhere to sit was in mid air!!! ..... unfortunately he is not finished yet and will be climbing later on today ....and he has meniere's syndrome but thankfully has not had an attack since last July thanks probably to the medicine he takes .......stress stress stress .....


Go to your refrigerator.

Take a look inside.

Pick one thing.

Draw it.


If this fork looks stressed out ......

If my fork looks stressed out ...... then it is ...... because I was stressed out while I was drawing it! That husband of mine was up on a ladder at the top of the house trying to fix a cracked slate or something ..... sounds simple enough but with the shape of our house he needed 2 ladders ..... He had one tied to the other and the top one hooked over the top of the roof. As "extra security" he had a rope tied to the top ladder, then coming down over the other side of the house and tied to a tree ..... why do some men like to live dangerously ....I thought I was going to have a heart attack .... that's the explanation for the stressed looking fork!! LOL


I set my dessert fork up on a piece of white printer paper, directed my lamp onto it, to get nice long shadows and drew it.

6X8 inches. Last page of my sketchbook..