Thursday, May 28, 2009

Accidental Abstract

This started out as a third try at a background for my cylinder idea. I posted a similat one on WC today. Acrylic 16X20 on canvas.

It''s ..... it's a cat ....yes that's what it is ....a startled cat .....

This is my fourth attempt at this kind of art ....I really enjoyed trying this out and while I was doing them all I thought they would look ok .....but they ended up not looking ok at all ..... maybe if I practice a bit more..... I did find it very relaxing ....
Thank you Ree for the excellent challenge ...... lucky I had some oil pastels here .....
3" X 4"

On the Lookout. (Ree's scratchart challenge)

This is painted on 8"x12" mat-board. I had so much fun, I laughed all the way through the scratching. Ree will testify to that she was on the phone to me while I was doing it.

The laying of the colour was easy enough, but laying the black on top was hard work, but really worth it. I love these guys, and they look so neat in a frame..