Sunday, July 5, 2009


A4 sketchbook. I forgot my pencils today, only had my mechanical 2B graphite. Was a challenge getting the values.. It took patience.

I drew this while sitting in my booth. Was a slow process, as I had customers and lookers in and out, but it was fun. (and a profitable day, I sold 3 paintings)

I actually drew this twice. The first time with the skin on, to see if I could get the texture right. I couldn't, need to go look at for a citrus fruit peel tutorial. So I broke the fruit open and drew it. Much more interesting anyway..

There is this one man Frederick, he is European, and has a stall with his mother, selling lavender and wheat packs. The kind you heat up in the microwave. He comes and checks out my work all the time. He came back 3 times to see if I had finished the finished drawing. Tania had called in to see me and she was sitting on the ground, the last time he called in, and she said "Oh I don't like that" Frederick says "are you crazy! that is good!" lol. It isn't that good, but it is nice to know I have a fan lol.. (I painted my plein air today too)

Fruit banana didn't turn out so well. I used the wrong pencils and was already halfway done before I realized this, so, while it's not looking like a healthy banana, perhaps it's a sickly banana??

Item in my drawer.

This is all there was in my left drawer. How sad. So shiny and not very good. Every time I moved, the shadows changed. lol Sooo, here's my attempt. :)