Saturday, March 28, 2009

Preparations for a future Challenge..

I have been thinking about Tali's Thread “Local Colour” more and more, and I really enjoyed painting those blocks and reflected colour, even though they are very rough, and not at all in perspective, they gave me what I wanted from the exercise.

So, today I went out and bought some wood, and some polystyrene balls, . I had the wood (2”x4”) cut into 2 square blocks, 2 triangles which, when joined together, makes a square. I had cardboard here, as I couldn’t find polystyrene cones today. (the balls were cheap by the way, $1.99 for 6 balls.)

I made 3 cones out of the cardboard, and painted them in the primary colours. I painted 3 balls in primary colours and one white. painted. I painted the blocks and triangles in primary colours.. (See pic)

When you have time and feel like having a play, you guys make this set as well, and we will have a challenge in the near future incorporating the shapes.

Once you have your set made up, you can also use them as tools for future paintings. Try this. Sit the red ball next to the yellow one and see the reflected colours on each ball. What colours do you see? The white ball is perfect for this exercise. By placing the red ball next to the white one, you can see the colour I am talking about reflected onto the white ball. What do you see when you place the yellow and green ball together? What colour?. The red and blue? See the complimentary colours?

These colours are all reflected in the shadows cast by an object sitting on a surface. To see what I mean, look at the surface your balls and blocks are sitting one. Put light source on one side and look. See the colours from the individual objects on the surface. This becomes more obvious if you have a white surface.


Form shadows are the shadows on an object, cast from the object itself, and from objects near it. Also shadows that have bounced off the surface onto the object create form. These shadows give the object it’s 3D look.

Cast shadows are the shadows cast by the object onto the surface the object is sitting on. There is colour in these shadows if you look hard enough. The colour is reflected from the object onto the surface, by the surrounding light.

When you have time and feel like having a play, make this set as well, and we will have a challenge in the near future incorporating these shapes.

Playing with shapes and colour.

I didn't feel much like painting today, yet again. I am fighting to stay awake and it is so hard. I am wonder if it has something to do with the red meat I ate a couple of nights ago, on top of the Sunday Market thing. I am trying hard to overcome it, as I hate being like this I really do.

Anyway I painted these, just playing, and I want your opinions and critiques. There is plenty to critique here ;-)) Even though I may prickle when I read the critiques, we all do, it is a natural reaction, I do take notice, and I do go look at my painting to see how I can improve it with your suggestions.
Tali gave me the idea by the way, for this, with her thread Local Colour in the Open Critique Forum. I am going to buy some blocks and paint them tomorrow.. These are just drawn from looking at some books I have, and making them up myself..
10"x12" acrylic