Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekly challenge

I kinda didn't do the challenge right as I have never drawn an orange before and I didn't paint it this time I pastel pencilled it!!!


Draw something from your garden.

This Weeks Paintting Challenge 30July - 7 August

A week ago JJ invited me to post this week's challenge on the 29th July. It is now the 30th and I for one did not meet last week's painting challenge.

Spring and Autumn are beautiful seasons, so this week select a flower/s or something leafy and paint it in any medium, any style.

Post it on Friday 7 August.

I tried ....

I tried ....I really did but it all went wrong ..... my kitchen roll drawing so I ended up so frustrated that I just drew a pencil ..... shoot me if you want to .....
am I a day late?

I painted

I am still sick, very sick, I slept on and off all day. I painted the background for this picture yesterday, and I painted the shoes tonight. The background in person is a pale pink and white colour and the shoes in person are a shiny cream colour. I have no idea why the picture is discoloured, like the yellow on the other shoes. I need to find the manual for my camera and recheck my settings.. 12"x16" acrylic