Monday, July 13, 2009

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 32 (13-07-09) Tortillon

That was fun. It is surprising the lights and shadows one see in paper when one shines a directional light onto it. In this case one of the tortillons I made last night.
A4 sketchbook. graphite.

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 31 (12-07-09) Cake Fork

I actually drew this today, the 13th. I was absolutely beat last night, it was a very long day.

A4 sketch book Graphite.

How to make your own Tortillons, which are similar to stumps.

Definition: A tortillon is a rolled stick of paper fibre, shaped to a point at one end, used to blend and smudge pencil and charcoal. Tortillons can be bought from an art store, or you can make your own by tightly rolling a tube of paper. A piece of clean rag, or tissue paper, wrapped over a finger or folded to a point can also do the same job. Make-up applicators and cotton buds/q-tips can also be used, though results vary according to the absorbency of the chosen material.

I made 3 tortillons, and the third one is respectable. Takes practice, just a little, and printer paper..

HERE is one way to make one.

THIS is the site I used to make mine.


Go to your art room!! Choose one thing and draw it. :)

And on the pretense of catching up (Day 31)

Woo Hoo! Finally. I'm all caught up. :D Now I can get back to work on the 'painting' in Colored pencils for Wednesday.

Daddy's hand

Sorry I haven't been drawing recently ....I should be able to start again tomorrow ..... although I did do a drawing last night and worked a bit more on it this morning.
I loved this picture when I saw it and tried to draw the hand and foot.
12" X 8"