Monday, February 23, 2009

Shack in the Woods

See what happens whenyou try to paint an 18-inch wide picture on an 8X10 canvas? I scrunched up this and it became a mess. I posted this on WC and I said I have terrible trees. I have such a bad time with trees.

I asked JJ to show me how to paint tomatoes and got cherries, so I dare not ask for help with trees lest I get green celery trees, lol....

I painted this tonite while waiting for my wife to get home form her trip. I hope you all don't laugh too much...
My try. I edited out a fair bit of vegetation.

Cherries that started out life as tomatoes..

I actually thought they looked more like persimmons, but Colleen and her husband convinced me they were cherries rotflol.
A lesson learned. Be careful painting at night with reds. I painted with napthol red over cad yellow to start with, adn it was a gorgeous tomato colour. Then I added magenta and cad red for the shadows, so then I had this brilliant idea of adding a little quin rose where I had lost the lights a little. It all looked reasonably ok that night. When I went down tot he studio the next morning, man did I not, I repeat NOT have 3 juicy tomatoes on my board. I added the centres, and they really did and still do btw look like persimmons with cherry stalk to me. What a hoot. Gives new meaning to cherry-tomatoes..

Nova Puppy

This is a quick study sketch I did in acrylics on a 3X4" card to experiment with minatures and see if I can paint my wife's dog in acrylics. I tried in watercolours but all I got was mud on a piece of card stock. So I am trying to live up to the name of teh group, at least initially. This isn't a great rendidition, but it is some painting of yesterday. Today I start on the mountain cabin pic.