Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anne's Challenge. (plein air)

I painted this geranium at the Market on Sunday. Peter, the plant man let me borrow one of his pot plants. I sat it on my art table I have set up it is.. 6"x4" on board acrylic.

I say, the aliens are coming, true, they are, I heard it on the readio. Protect yourself! Grab your alfoil your metal bowls....

...or in my case a stainless steel measuring cup hahahahaha. Not going to cover much but hey.... A4 sketch book Graphite.

First picture is an update. I posted my drawing in the Drawing and Sketching Forum, on Wet Canvas and got some really invaluable advice. I thinks it looks better now, I deepened the inside of the container and lightened the handle shadow.

Anne's Challenge

Anne, Here is my effort. It has been a bit cold and windy here for the last few days (for the tropics) and being a bit of a woose, I settled for a vignette of a sheltered corner of my garden.

Painting I have been working on today.

Can't get a decent pic' of the water. I will try again, later, when it is darker, and the fluro lights are working at their best. 12"x16" Double thickness gallery wrap canvas. Acrylic

Hattish thing.

It only took a while, but I finally got it drawn up. I started later than I wanted. This is hubby's work hat when he has to go to the field or gets deployed. My husband is in the military, by the way. :) Think I got the shadows better this time (hopefully). It's not this grainy in person, but my scanner likes to add it's own little white dots. lol

A shaped covering for the head, usually with a crown and brim, esp. for wear outdoors

I am reluctant to post this after seeing JJ's grandkids drawings hahaha


Go look in your kitchen tool drawer. The one where you have your egg flip, potato masher, serving spoons in. Pick out one thing and draw it.