Monday, January 5, 2009


I had actually started this before today..but it had a long way to go. So, because I didn't want to waste the beginnings and because it still fitted the criteria of small paintings ..I decided to finish it and use it.
Acrylic on gallery wrapp ed canvas ..6" x 8"
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Getting out of a painting rut!

I usually try to paint Marine but am in a rut at the moment so this is a little practice piece I did last night ..... how much further away could I get from Marine!! ....well maybe she is getting ready to go for a swim ....who knows!

Metal Statuette

I had a "fiddle" and painted out the base. Here is where it stands. Using that term loosely as it is actually floating.. Maybe I will leave it, maybe not.. What do you think?

I have had this statue sitting on the entertainment unit for years. I bought it as a gift for a girlfriend for her birthday one year, and for some reason didn't end up giving it to her. I love it, so I don't mind that I still have it.. Acyrylic on canvas board 5"x7"

Painting is not quite as dark as showing here..