Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Screwdriver

I'd much rather have the vodka and orange juice kind, but this'll work too. lol I couldn't sleep, so I figured I'd get a head start. So, here's my screwdriver. Yes, it IS a very short one in real life even. I do apologise for the quality of the photo. It's 4:30 am and one of my husband's friends is asleep on the couch, so I am unable to turn on any lights except for the one at my desk.

Kneadable Eraser

Since I don't actually have an art room, I looked around my desk (which is where I draw) and found..what else?...my kneadable eraser that I play with when I'm thinking. It happened to be in a snail shape this time, so I left it as is and drew it. I change it's shape daily. lol And since I had to use it to pull out the highlights, it no longer looks like this. At the moment, it's a hat for my little wooden figure guy. :D


Today, we will draw a tool. Not a kitchen tool, but a mechanical tool. Like a screwdriver/hammer/pliers etc..

Have fun......