Saturday, April 11, 2009

Puffins for Anne ;-))

So I have to tell you it 'aint easy painting puffins.. *sigh* The second one isn't finished, but it is 1.30am and I need some sleep..
Both are 10" x 12" canvas acrylic. c&c very welcome!

Gee, they don't photograph well, do they Anne? Wow, they look so much better in person.


  1. Nice work on these so far JJ!

    First Painting...his beak needs to be a little shorter and the feathers on the chest area are a little flat, maybe blend the blue a bit more IMO :)

    Second painting...the shape of face of the shorter bird doesn't seem right, it seems to come down too far onto the neck area IMO :)

    I'm sorry if I sound blunt with my critique JJ but I'm feeling rather lousy atm...:((

  2. Lovely work JJ least you seem to get the values right ...I see what Ree means about the beak of the first one and the two lovey dovey ones are so cute ....yes they do look better in person ..... photographs do them no justice at all.....

  3. Thanks Ree. Yes his beak is a little too long. Oh well next time.

    The lovebirds. Yes I think they are a little out of synch, I will paint them again though..

    I enjoyed painting them so it will be no hardship to paint them again.


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