Saturday, April 11, 2009


12" x 16" canvas - acrylics.


  1. This certainly is different JJ ....who is this woman and what is she thinking?
    Her back seems, to me, to be a bit long .....but then maybe she has a long back ....The seat with the shadows on it are great!

  2. I will wait for Ree's comment, and Bruce and colleen if they are about. :D Oh and Lynda.. This scene is the Wynnum waterfront, just up from where the markets are..

  3. Well JJ I do agree with Anne on the back been long. Also, I think the shoulders would be more squarer. I can't quiet figure the connection of the upper leg and the position of the feet.
    I do like the reflected light on the seat though, nice work on that,JJ...;)

  4. Yeah I agree to, wondering if I should have made the seat bigger.

    The legs were exactly like that in the photo, I will look at it agsin when ZI paint ther next one.

    Thanks for the c&c it helps for the next painting.


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