Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Something Special

Somebody will recognise this. :-)

This is a very special gift in two ways. One, the person who gave it to me is a very good friend, of long standing, and I treasure her friendship, secondly, when she found this gorgeous little elephant brooch, she looked on the back of it. There on the top right, was a copyright mark, and smack bang in the middle of that mark, were the initials JJ. It was made for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The elephant has two beautiful ruby red eyes. My favourite colour!!! This is one of my most treasured possessions..

A4 Sketchbook. Graphite.

Quick Update

Just figured I'd show you guys my update on the roadrunner. :) I still have a LOT to go, but I'm learning a lot about cars. hahaha


Crikey!! ....nearly forgot .....I am running out of ideas ....
Draw something that's in your house or garden but it has to have at least 2 long straight lines in it and you have to draw the lines without using a ruler .....I hope that makes sense's late ....I am tired .....