Saturday, July 18, 2009

This weeks challenge

Is coming....... I have had a week, where I absolutely haven't stopped, every day, all things not arty too, except for taking my paintings over to the RNA Exhibition.

I have an idea in mind, need to process it more. I will give it thought tomorrow at the markets, and post it tomorrow night..

Thank you for your patience..

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 37 (18-07-09) Shot...

It wasn't easy. Nothing is easy. sigh.... But it was fun, like a jigsaw puzzle putting in all the dark shapes and light shapes and lifting out the highlights..

A4 sketchbook.. Graphite

This IS in my Computer Room

Just clearing that up. haha I needed something somewhat easy tonight because I've been busy all day. It's actually a bit darker than it shows, but I guess my photos aren't that great yet..getting better though. :) I retried the cap, JJ...and refuse to post it because I got frustrated and threw the entire bottle away. lol So, here's one of the pencils that I use very rarely.


Go look in your kitchen cupboards. Choose one thing and draw it. :-))

The Thingy from my PC room ..... hahaha

Well ....actually it's not usually in my PC room but today it was .........and there it goes sideways again .....dammit!!

Edited by JJ. All fixed.. I turned it the same way as you have it on wc.. :)

Here kitty kitty

sketchbook graphite..