Saturday, February 21, 2009

Knock Knock

Hello ladies, my name is Bruce MacKinnon, or Mackb on all my forum sites.

I have been invited by JJ to join your esteemed group of happy painters. I feel like I have joined the infamous "Group of Seven" painters of the early 20th century in Canada.

I hope I don't cramp your style. I was looking at all your posts, well some of them anyway, and I didn't see any cat fights or foul language, so I think I can fit in. But I feel like a puppy dog in a house full of felines, so put away your claws.

I have been painting for 10 years off and on, mostly off, once I moved to Timminsin 200 to get married and to get a new career in journalism after painting houses for 25 years. I have a damaged heart from a virus that hit me a decade ago, and was put out to pasture in 2004. So I am now Mr. Mom, taking care of my two little boys and the house while my wife Carol works full time as the administrator of a retirement home.

I started off in oils but now am in acrylics since Sept of 08. I am still learning so I hope I don't embarras you or me. I noticed a few of you use knives to paint which is my preferred way to paint, so I wil be following you all with interest.

Thank you for allowing me to join you.


Anne, in the interests of "one sketch a day", here it is.