Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have this little framed picture of my cat Digby on the kitchen window sill. Sadly Digby only lived to the age of 9 months. He was a gorgeous Manx Stumpy cat, big, and in beautiful condition. He had fur like silk.

This is the first time I have done a drawing of a cat. I have sketched them before, but not a "proper" drawing. This one is far from perfect, I have aged Digby a lot. I really need to study all the drawing fur wips and demonstrations I can find.. It was fun to draw however. Oh and the frame is oval, for some reason, whether I take the photo from looking straight down on the floor, or on my easel, the frame looks round in the picture? The frame is made from some sort of cast metal, brass in colour, and the black insert is velvet.
A4 sketchbook, and graphite.

Challeng Painting for week ending Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Triadic Color Scheme uses colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel. To use a triadic harmony successfully, the colors should be carefully balanced – let one color dominate and use the two others for accent.

Adding white or black to any of these colors changes the Tint or Shade giving you either a lighter or darker color. When looking at the color schemes above, keep in mind that, using tints and shades add a world of variety to the basic schemes above. You can change the tint and/or shade of your colors and still follow either a primary, triadic or analogous scheme.

Now, the Challenge! Find these three objects...a peice of fruit...a small bowl...something glass and cloth for the backdrop. Place all objects in your lightbox with a strong light strong source and paint using a Triadic Colour Scheme of your chosing!!

Post your work on Wednesday, July 15...have fun girls!!!

Charity and Anne calling ....where is Ree ..... we have a problem .....

Sometimes my paintings come out sideways on this blog and now it's not just me ....Charity has the same problem ......I don't understand why they go on here like that.
I take the photograph in the normal way, I open it in Paint Shop pro Photo editing programme, crop it, save it with a new name on to my Desktop. All throughout this process it is sitting the right way up. When I open it on my desktop it is sitting the right way but then when I post it here it turns sideways ....I'm confused. hahaha
I have no problem posting the same photograph on to WetCanvas and it is always turned the right way there is only here on the blog ...weird .....

Excellent Article on VALUES from WC

DRAWING VALUE: Author Cherie.


Free choice day.

Draw one thing, anything from the inside of your home.

Well, on the upside

...we can always scoop up what's left once the aliens leave. I spent an hour or so on this, and worked a bit more on the shadows. I'm not really happy with how it turned out, but it definately could be worse.

Tart lifter

From my kitchen ....

My rubbish Plein Air

I too, only ventured as far as my garden and tried to paint one of the trees in it ....JJ's grandkids could do better ...... hahaha ....but I enjoyed it .....