Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I sold a painting at the Royal Queensland Show Exhibition.

I entered three paintings into the "Ekka" The show runs until next Saturday. I went in to look at the artwork today, and discovered this painting had sold. The other two paintings I entered are Golden Girl, My Sunflower, and Flying, the yacht painting with the coloured spinnakers. This one that sold, was Emotions II Acrylic on canvas. 24"x24"

There had to have been in an excess of 1000 paintings in there. In the watercolour section, first prize was won by a varnished watercolour glued to a black canvas. It was of a varigated leafy plant. Name escapes me at present.

Another first prize in the open section, was another varnished watercolour.

A charcoal, with yellow cp of a Grader, one the drawing section.

I can't remember what won the acrylics now.

No photographs today ....

I can't charge camera's battery as my son borrowed my charger recently ...I have ordered one from the internet ....so hopefully it will arrive soon .....
but I am working on the "feelings painting" ..... and it is a big one too .....