Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day at the Market in Gusting winds.

It blew and it blew!!!! First the back wall caved in. My neighbour Bela tied it back with string. It gusted some more, all the paintings had to come down as they were getting damaged and the side wall caved in. My neighbour behind me tied that one up with rope for the remainder of the day. I sat there for 8 hours and no sales..

Next week will be better!!!!!!!!!

A Firm Foundation

A word to JJ first, grrrrrrrrrrrr.......I have never had such a bad time trying to do a painting. I figured a B&W study would be a good start. I didn't have the luxury of other colours to bail me out so if its a bit muddled, you'll know why.
This is my favorite pic of me and my dad, just a few months before he passed on. I plan to do a family man group, with my two sons added to this pic, one on each side of dad.