Monday, February 23, 2009

Nova Puppy

This is a quick study sketch I did in acrylics on a 3X4" card to experiment with minatures and see if I can paint my wife's dog in acrylics. I tried in watercolours but all I got was mud on a piece of card stock. So I am trying to live up to the name of teh group, at least initially. This isn't a great rendidition, but it is some painting of yesterday. Today I start on the mountain cabin pic.


  1. Awwwww's so cute Mac. I'm not really sure what what the pup is looking eye is looking my way but the other eye seems to be looking in a different direction. It's still gorgeous though!

  2. That was her eyes early on. She is only five pounds now fully grown three years later. This pic was taken when she was only three months old. In the photo, the eyes are like this, so I need to learn my own lesson to adjust the painting to look better than the photo.

  3. It takes practice and forethought to not copy the reference photo faithfully, and we ALL do it at one time or other, so don't beat yourself up about it.

    Are those leaves she is playing in? If so, some values under them would be good.

    She sure looks like a cutie.

    To paint fur realistically, if you wanted to, that is, use a fine brush, like a rigger, and lots of sweeping strokes in the direction the fur is growing. Dark to light in acrylics of course, and light to dark in watercolours.

    Watercolours require patience. You need to use transparent paints, let each layer dry thoroughly before applying the next layer. Those leaves would have looked great negatively painted in watercolour.

    So what is next Bruce? :-))

  4. What? .... no vegetables Bruce? ;)

  5. Aren't I among a bunch of veggies? lol

    Next, I have the new challenge here and the challenge I posted on WC at Click me #8.

    I also have a painting in mind for my next door neighbour who has been snowblowing our driveway for us since I went in for heart surgery in Jan. He is a big golfer so I want to incorporate golf clubs with a snow blower. Any ideas ladies?

  6. Sure. Paint him on a snow-blower, with his golf bag on the back, him looking at the golf bag with a wistful look on his face.

  7. I like the idea of the golf bag, thanks JJ...honk, honk...


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