Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some rock practice .....

I am trying to improve my rock painting ....and I have a long way to go ..... here are 2 I did last night. One with brushes and one with knives .....


  1. your rocks are beautiful. my only grip is your horizon. I see that you are getting into the rock details quite nicely

  2. I like the top one best Anne. You have handled the tones in the rock and the sea really well.(Thumbs up!)

  3. The second rock is wonderful and full of values.. I would however, just deepen the blue of Rathlin Island a little to push is back a bit further, more like the first rock painting. Oh and straighten the horizon line.

    The first rock is great too, only need to have the values deepened. Did you make that values tool?? Use it woman to check your reference and your painting as you go.. Use your photo editing program as a tool too. Adjust your painting with the clarify tool, or the contrast tool to deepen the values and you will see what I mean. I love the face and the story. I love your stories to be honest!!!

    Your paintings are showing much improvement, especially when you paint something you love and are familiar with. AND you take your time..;)

  4. I hope you don't mind the new guy making a few comments. I love to paint rocks with oil and a knife. I use a limited palette and I often cross hatch the texture, layer over layer.

    I think the knife painting is overworked, an easy thing to happen when you are tying to perfect a mood. It's better to scrape off and start over than to niggle with a knife.

    I have about $200 in oil knifed on badly on a few paintings at the art club to prove my point.

    A minor point, I wouldn't use the same blue from the water in the rocks. It makes the rock fade into the water. I've never run into a rock with camoflage on it....:-}

    I really like your first rock tho. If you are going to major on a rock, make it bigger so the horizon and sea are minor parts of the painting and not distracting.

    I hope you don't mind the words of encouragment. Thank you for letting me join you. You may have second thoughts now, eh? :-}

  5. I agree with Sandy on the values/tones of the rock and sea, in the first one but love the texture of the second one...maybe you could combine the two and create a really good painting!! ;)


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